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[POLL] How can we effectively ensure unity in Malaysia? (Share your thoughts below)

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[POLL] How can we effectively ensure unity in Malaysia? (Share your thoughts below)

  • Economic prosperity
  • Common national identity
  • End of race politics
  • Single school system
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    Joseph Tan
    3 days ago
    All of the above...no silver bullet...

    Indo Olderguy
    4 days ago
    Its more than just a single aspect. Its much more wholesome than that.

    1 week ago
    Can we all just STOP pointing fingers at each other please??? Just STOP!! Let’s learn to find a way on how we can ALL work and live together harmoniously and prosper as a nation. ALL these BS are what got us where we are right now! We are supposed to be one of the best in Asia. We WERE the best in Asia 20-30 years ago. What happened??? BS happened! Everyone just love to point fingers but NO ONE wants to do the job and try to understand each of beautiful culture!! Can we all please grow up???!!! 😡

    1 week ago
    人民如果在君主立宪,最好宪法得给国会议员修改,不是霸权首相修改。华人人口20-35% 议席没有20-35% 不公平,甚至教育华裔没有20-35% 预科班华裔也得20-35% 最好效仿新加坡,UNWTO列中文为官方语言何来统考问题?学印尼设立华教学术发展部与时俱进,政府拨款跟董总收购全部学校这样就可以资助全马中小学免费教育。

    MannSiong Cheong
    1 week ago
    Racialism polarizes the citizens of the nation composed of different races. It was then difficult to unite the people. It will slow down the nation's development. When the people was classified into different classes in term of special right, patriotism was out. The country will not be able to progress internationally. It was sad.

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