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Crash At Intersection Leaves Rider Unresponsive

As reported by: Adammyrehab
Incident Date: 11:00 AM, Thursday, 17 December 2020
Location: Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah

As seen in the video above, an accident occurred by an intersection in Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah. 2 vehicles were seen involved in the accident, 1 being a Proton Waja, and another being a motorcyclist.

The impact caused damage to the Waja’s side mirror, left-front headlamps and also cracked the front windshield of the vehicle.


The motorcycle was seen laid against its side, with debris from the crash being strewn all across the intersection.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was seen laying down in the middle of the intersection. He was unresponsive when bystanders approached him, the reporting party also noted that it seems like the motorcyclist may have sustained a broken leg.

A small pile-up of traffic started to happen soon after. Police also arrived on the scene a few minutes later to secure the scene and provide aid to the rider. As of now, there is no information on which party was at fault, it is suspected that someone may have ran a red light, which may have caused the accident in the first place.

We wish the victims a speedy recovery, and please abide by our road laws.

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Tony Tan
11 months ago
I don't know who's at fault but this is a reminder to all of us - Malaysian roads are increasingly becoming more dangerous due to our poor and crazy driving. Let's show the Malaysian gentle ways that foreigners to our country rave about on our roads too. Let's stop being crazy speed demons bent on hell, for it will surely lead us there.

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