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MCO Imposed In 6 Selangor Districts, Raya SOPs Announced


(PUTRAJAYA, MAY 4) Earlier in the evening, our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri announced the latest status for the different MCOs.

He started by stating that HIDE (Hotspots Identification for Dynamic Engagement) will be introduced to the public for proactive action in managing the pandemic.

Districts under MCO:

  • Selangor (6 out of 9 districts): Hulu Langat, Petaling, Gombak, Klang, Kuala Langat, Sepang from May 6 – May 17

Interstate and inter-district travel is not allowed in these 6 districts, except for emergencies or work purposes.

Restaurants, food trucks, food kiosks and other F&B businesses are allowed to open only from 6am – 12am in MCO districts, whereas grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to operate only from 6am – 10pm.

Bazaar Ramadan is allowed to remain open but with tighter restrictions. However, the final decision whether to allow the bazaar to continue operating still depends on respective state governments.

Districts under CMCO:

  • Selangor (3 districts): Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor

He also announced the Raya SOPs as followed: 

Takbir Raya in mosques are allowed in MCO, CMCO and RMCO areas but not permitted in EMCO areas. He stressed that the final decision whether to allow Takbir Raya to take place still depends on respective state governments. 

Takbir Raya from house-to-house is not permitted nationwide.

Ziarah Hari Raya (house visits) is allowed with social distancing:

  • MCO: 1 Syawal only (Limited to 15 people)
  • CMCO: 1 to 3 Syawal (Limited to 20 people)
  • RMCO: 1 to 3 Syawal (Limited to 25 people)
  • EMCO: Only among family members in the same household

Open houses are not allowed at all states.

As for grave visits, he said it is allowed for CMCO and RMCO areas provided that not more than 6 persons are present for 1 lot of grave and not exceeding 30 minutes, while grave visits are not allowed for MCO and EMCO areas.

Interstate Permits for Tourism (Domestic Tourism Bubble) is also temporarily suspended until further notice.

More to come…

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Albert Thong
3 days ago
House visits allowed with social distancing??? Haha hahahaha... Cluster Raya coming

Tristan Yew
4 days ago
Idiot backdoor government 👎🏻😡

Matthew Wong
4 days ago
From the first MCO announcement by this half sleep dimwit, we can see that he really don't have a brains, if he really got a brains, then an elephant can climb up a coconut tree and doing somersault, this is a pandemic, should just scrap the festive celebration nationwide, everyone celebrate at their own home. Bugger still allow bazaars to go on and visitation...i passed by a bazaars yesterday and all these traders don't bother to put on masks, some wear but i think, they need to go to a wear mask school to teach them the proper way to wear mask, these clown wear masks under their chin, some don't cover their nose, as though they are stronger than the virus, some stupid parents bring their young kids and they don't wear masks and just sit at a corner to play with the phone that their parents gave to them, to pacify them. Now announced MCO but can allow Bazaar and can allow visitation, that dimwit dumbass must high in ketum until he can't think straight, one second he said if going vaccination interdistrict need approval from police, another joker said no need. Like a bloody small kid, i have one suggestions, gather all brainless morons and put them all together in a concentration camp, put some serious infected Covid 19 patients and let these stupids stay with them, teach them a lesson. Can't they just forget about celebration and be good, just celebrate at the home. Won't die if cannot celebrate nationwide for this Covid19 sake.

robert seah
4 days ago

Saffe Mohd Yusof
4 days ago
House visit during hari raya..in RMCO area stated not more than 25 people with social distancing (one metre),, he thought all these rakyat house are big enough for 25 people to practice social distancing in that particular house ,,what a joke.

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