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Vincent Tan to give half of wealth to charity — report


KUALA LUMPUR (March 27): Berjaya Corporation Bhd founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Vincent Tan has announced that he will give half of his wealth to charity when he is no longer around, whilst appealing to more wealthy Malaysians who have passed 70 years old to do the same.

The billionaire said doing so will help the underprivileged to own affordable homes as housing is a basic need of human beings and essential for a person's sense of dignity, safety and inclusion. 

"I think it is not wise to leave all your wealth to your family only when after all, our accumulated material wealth is made possible with the support from Malaysians and government's concessions and licences and other help by many people we encountered in our lifetime of wealth accumulation," he told The Star in an exclusive interview published today.

"I am also passionate about building affordabl

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Miss Anne
8 months ago
We will see if he walks the talk. If he does, I hope it won't be squandered and robbed by greedy people managing his donated money.

robert seah
8 months ago
Build more houses for the poor is what you should do....

dannis sike
8 months ago
I would suggest him to get involve with the charity movement instead of just giving out cash. Let him see what it’s really like, and hopefully from there, he can get a better sense on how to help those in need. Regardless, the fact that he’s giving back to the community is noble enough. Salute!

Susan Fang-Gregory
8 months ago
Create more affordable homes now. It’ll be more meaningful and functional .

Jack Rogan
8 months ago
Donate to me

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