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Ramadan bazaars risk becoming Covid-19 super-spreader event, warns S’wak politician


KUCHING – The Sarawak government’s stand to allow Ramadan bazaars this year is a major cause for concern, said two state politicians.

Parti Aspirasi Rakyat Sarawak president Lina Soo told The Vibes that the state already has its hands full, struggling to flatten the Covid-19 infectivity curve as hundreds of new cases continue to be logged daily, and the green light given to the bazaars is “very worrying”.

“Many longhouses were under lockdown for weeks, and the infection spikes are continuing. The state has failed to prove that it can control the spread of Covid-19 at funerals, which turned out to be super-spreader catastrophes.   

“And now, a bazaar is what it is, a large gathering of people, buyers and sellers, where social distancing flies out of the window, and this, too, for one whole month. What are we trying to prove here?”  

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Jaspal Kaur
8 months ago
Numskulls never learn.

reale calma
8 months ago
Extend Emergancy with next Civid19 wave.

William Chiew
8 months ago
Siap la korang. 'Round 3' bakal menanti.

Chee Meng Kan
8 months ago
Another stupid idea. In the end. Comes to square one. IDIOTS 🤣

Saffe Mohd Yusof
8 months ago
For the sake of pancing undi or political gain, these people were willing to sacrifice people life. Bear in mind the cases still up and down daily...

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