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Govt to start listing potential Covid-19 hotspots on Friday: KJ

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The Vibes

KUALA LUMPUR – The government will on May 7 start a public listing of potential Covid-19 hotspots to allow the people to make informed decisions, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

With this information, he said, the public can better decide their movements, and businesses must act quickly to be removed from the list.

The Hotspots Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) system uses big data and artificial intelligence to predict clusters.

“Therefore, this is a pre-emptive (and) predictive system,” Khairy told a press conference.

“Analysis from HIDE will give vital information to the authorities, including the Health Ministry, to take pre-emptive action that is targeted to avoid the creation of clusters in the said hotpots.”

He said the government has agreed to publicly list these areas starting Friday to all

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Ivor Rabel
3 days ago
Minister knows hot spots use mco inthese places istead of cetain districts inselangor

Anas John
4 days ago
Jari sakit, satu badan daa balut, apa lagi blom balut ? Porah !

Putang Inang
4 days ago
Don't the MyS app hv hotspot warning? Why the double work? Or someone not working at all...just reacting?

Lim Ooi Kong
4 days ago
That has the call since day one. But the super smart Health DG says that will stigmatized business !! Business is more important than protecting human lives ??

PS Chang
4 days ago
This should have been standard SOP right from the beginning instead of keeping people in the dark. Hotspots would have been eliminated much faster if people knew where not to go. Of course the authorities must also update when the hotspots are lifted.

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