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Gov’t must investigate on AstraZeneca under-dosing claims; lives are at stake

THERE have been concerns over allegations that some medical personnel have drawn less than the standard required dosage of the vaccine during the AstraZeneca voluntary opt-in programme in the Klang Valley recently.

While both individuals have since received their ‘top-up’ shots after raising the matter with the authorities, the idea that something like this could – and had – happened in the first place is a cause for great concern (quite the matter of life and death, actually).

To this end, the Government and all relevant authorities – specifically the Health Ministry and the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) – must get to the bottom of this and come out with a clear explanation to avoid speculations.

After all, health experts have warned that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine that is less than the recommended dosage will reduce its efficacy

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Teres Saint
6 months ago
It has been told that before shot is even administer. The recipient MUST view the whole administering process of the required vaccine dosage into the stringe before receiving the shot. Don't take for granted and accept the vaccine at face value when you have queued and it's your turn!

Rishi Kumaran
6 months ago
Shut up lah...acting like you care only

Calvin Choe
6 months ago
This is called Keong Kan la 🤣😜🤣😜👻👻👻

Shirley Khong
6 months ago
What’s more important is HOW WILL RECIPIENTS KNOW IF THEY RCVD THE ROGHT DOSAGE. ONLY mAlaysoa can mess it up like this!!

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