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State govts want MCO reimposed, Annuar says

The Vibes
The Vibes

PUTRAJAYA – The implementation of a targeted movement control order (MCO) in several Kuala Lumpur localities is the appropriate approach for the city to contain Covid-19, said Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

The Federal Territories minister said during a special National Security Council (NSC) meeting on the coronavirus chaired by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday, several state governments requested the reimplementation of the MCO due to the increase in infections.

“There are several (virus hotspot) localities in Kuala Lumpur that we hope will be placed under a targeted MCO,” he told reporters here yesterday.

“We will identify the areas where the MCO needs to be tightened.”

He said NSC will study in depth the request by state governments. 

“It is a difficult situation. At the special NSC meetings, we listen to advice from experts

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Li Li Choong
4 days ago
How many people livelihood will be affected. I think get the cheaper vaccine so that everyone can get vaccinated. China's vaccine much cheaper. Why buy the phizer and AZ that are priced high?

4 days ago
Semalam ckp penyebaran MCO bkn benar, arini cadang nk implement MCO. Mana benar ni abang?

SK Loh
4 days ago
This clown

Trudy Chen
4 days ago
Targetted mco to those areas with high cases. Yesterday Selangor case was 0.008% of total population in Selangor. Why blanket MCO??

Trudy Chen
4 days ago
MCO is not the way to go. It is a 'lazy' way out....please ramp up the vaccination

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