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Anti-Heroes, Legendary Scams, And True Cases: What To Watch After “Taxi Driver”


Now that there's no more "Taxi Driver," the weekends just don't feel as exciting anymore. The post-drama void hits especially hard since "Taxi Driver" was so thrilling and satisfying from start to finish. While rewatching this gem of a drama may help to ease the pain, starting a new show that has similar elements is also a good way to help you move on. If you need some ideas on what to watch next, here are a few recommendations.

Note: Since there's already a comprehensive list of recommendations for dramas that are driven by revenge, this feature does not include the revenge aspect.

"Move to Heaven" & "Tomorrow With You"

2021 is without a doubt Lee Je Hoon's year! And it's so well-deserved. "Taxi Driver" was a huge success and his newest drama "Move to Heaven," which was released just a month ago, has been receiving raving reviews as well.


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