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MCO Phase 1 Extended Until Further Notice

(PUTRAJAYA, Jun 27) Our Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri has just announced the extension of the MCO 3.0 Phase 1 but with no indication of an end date.

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Initially slated to end on June 14, the total lockdown had been extended once to Jun 28 due to the high number of daily Covid-19 cases. It is now confirmed that Malaysia will remain in total lockdown as daily cases still hover around 5,000 mark.

SOPs for Phase 1 extension will remain as previously announced. However, the government allows F&B outlets to operate from 6am till 10pm, effective Jun 28.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin mentioned earlier today that from now on, the government will use the term “Phases” in announcements instead of “MCO”.

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James KC Chin
3 months ago
Ald 800,000 jobless after MCO 1.0 & 2.0. Now MCO without timeframe set? The essential services need the non-essential goods to operate. Indeed this BD gomen is useless in handling this pandemic & economy revival. Pls resign !

Look Me
3 months ago
MOH with DG, totally failed.

Look Me
3 months ago
Vijay, are you serious? Seeing their faces in TV, the viewer will open their balcony and jump down.

La Viva
3 months ago
Lousy and worst in the history coming to 2 years worse worsen in all aspect pandemics , social economic etc Fail = Gagal !

3 months ago
All the effort from the frontliner wasted by your management. Literally.

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