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Here Are All The Digital Banking Contenders in Malaysia (So Far)

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Editor’s Note: This article was first written on 29th June 2021, was last updated at 11:00 am 5th July 2021 to include new developments.


With the deadline for Malaysia’s digital banking license application being less than a day away, a majority of the players are surprisingly still coy about confirming their status.

In markets like Hong Kong and Singapore who have similarly issued a digital banking framework, players were far more eager to thump their chest and publicise about how their spin on digital banking will reshape financial services.

With the exception of a few players, most of the digital banking aspirants are keeping their cards very close to their chest.

Perhaps they are media-shy or they have learned from their counterparts and wanted to spare themselves the trouble of explaining why they did not secure a license should th

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Sunny Cheah
2 months ago
Dia ingat sebagai pegawai boleh buat jika rayat vuat salah kena lah samun

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