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Man travels from KL to Ipoh via helicopter to ‘tapau’ nasi ganja


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PETALING JAYA: A man took great lengths to buy his favorite food from Ipoh, known for its signature dishes like bean sprouts chicken and nasi ganja.

According to Sinar Harian, the man travelled from Kuala Lumpur via helicopter and landed at Padang Ipoh this morning to pick up 36 packs of nasi ganja.

The nasi ganja vendor, who requested anonymity, said he has initially thought it was a prank.

I was sceptical as we have never encountered customers who collected orders by helicopter.

However, it turned out to be true. We also charged him the usual price of RM10 per packet.”

Perak police chief Comm Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said that the aircraft did not have permission to land at Padang Ipoh.

We have informed the Ipoh Civil Aviation A

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1 month ago
Simple… it’s either the Aviation Or Malaysian Air Force most flexible at this time to fly anywhere they want! Probably its Kinda Celebration of Naik Pangkat…

tom xavier
1 month ago
Is there no end to this shameful extravagance.We are trying to stop a pandemic where let’s face it the infection is winning by a milestone and now this man literally violates the SOP’s for nasi ganja of all things .Have you no heart man people are dying and starving and you just shelled RM10,000 for self indulgence .I hope very stern action will be taken against this gentleman for these infractions #Stop Corruption #Covid Management

Richard Leong
1 month ago
Can only be some arrogant politician who did this ! Rich people are a lot smarter and doesn’t need to show off like this

Abdul Rahman
1 month ago
Small matter make few days news .really no news ady

Tan Yew Wei
1 month ago
36 packs!!! And they said ONE man did the wrong!! Malaysian way to solving cases happening again! Just simply put a blame to someone and the rest got away, especially the “bigger” ones. Obviously the ONE runner is the lowest in the hierarchy of the 36

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