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“We are here for you” PPV Staff At SCCC Shares Heartbreaking Moments She Encounters At Work


This post first appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

Recently, you might have seen a viral TikTok video uploaded by a staff member at a vaccination centre (PPV) where she shared her encounter with an elderly lady who was alone because her son was too busy to send her for her appointment.


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WORLD OF BUZZ has since had the opportunity to interview Emelia, who shared with us what she encounters on a daily basis as a PPV staff.

Emelia currently works as a volunteer at the Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC) PPV under a Health Care Organiser called DOC2US. She became a volunteer at the SCCC PPV this year when vaccinations first started. She admittedly said that she

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Thayanithy Jaime James
1 month ago
Thank you Emerli. Thank you you for you passion in you work and at the same time understanding your patients problems. Only a human with a goof heart and feelings would do this. Thank you again and be safe and God bless you rewardingly.

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