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Apple celebrates its 40 year presence in Singapore, Tim Cook discusses his first ever Apple product in new interview


Apple today commemorated its 40 year history in Singapore, where it first set up offices in 1981.

Singapore serves as Apple’s base for its Asia-Pacific operations. Today, Apple says it employs more than 3500 people and supports a further 55,000 Singaporean jobs with the iOS app economy. Tim Cook celebrated the occasion with a new interview with local radio, in which he discusses his first ever Mac experience.

Tim Cook (virtually) caught up with local radio station Mediacorp Class 95. Cook describes how one of his first jobs upon joining Apple in 1998 was to visit Singapore to validate the production line for the original translucent iMac, which was manufactured in Singapore.

In the interview, Cook reveals that his first Apple product was the Apple II, which he used as part of his senior project at Auburn university.

In addition to manufacturing, A

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