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Uncle thanks M’sian BTS ARMY for assisting 600 families with food aid


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Since the launch of the #BenderaPutih campaign, there have been numerous stories of Malaysians banding together to help provide daily necessities, with a BTS Twitter fan account taking part too.

The account, @PurpleProject7, recently donated 650kg of potatoes, 653 onions, and 197 packs of yellow noodles, which benefited 600 families.

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A representative from Pertubuhan Imman Malaysia later released a video expressing his gratitude towards the ARMY for their kind deed.

Assalamualaikum anak-anak, pakcik buat video ni khas nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Malaysia Army kerana telah menyumbang sebanyak 650 kilo kentang, 653 bawang merah dan 197 bungkus mee kuning yang dimanfa

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Putang Inang
2 months ago
Food basket not for front liners...🤬

Putang Inang
2 months ago
If humankind is still around...

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