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China Will Develop Booster Shots For “Less Effective” Sinovac & Sinopharm Vaccines

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This post first appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

Will this affect those who have taken the Sinovac vaccine in Malaysia? 

After much speculation concerning lower antibody levels relating to China’s Sinovac vaccine, Fosun Pharmaceutical of China has announced plans to develop booster shots to increase the vaccine’s effectiveness against Covid-19 as reported by IBTimes.

Fosun Pharma has partnered with BioNTech of Germany to embark on the process of developing a booster shot that is expected to have the brand name, Comirnaty. Caixin Global reported that the progress of development is currently still at the administrative review stage following a review conducted by an expert panel of Chinese drug regulators. By the end of August, the booster is expected to begin domestic trial production and to be offered for free to recipients of the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccine.

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logitech logi
2 months ago
Aunty Angel... you have to understand that the bias media are all from Europe America, India .... they are very afraid that China will over take them and this will cause an uprising of sorts from the citizens of their respective countries. They (west) have been spewing negativity at China for decades and today it is very apparent that China is beating them in 95% of Global KPIs. Always remember history of wars... They create false flags and reason to go war. However this time... they’ve met their match

Hantu Bodo
2 months ago
cucuk macam ayam sukarela😂... 1st jab 2nd jab 3rd jab then annually then 2x/year until die🤣

Aunty Angel Hostel
2 months ago
So wrong to use the word "less effective", just reading the headline can be misleading. No words in the original release mentioned "less effective", use proper positive encouraging words will be better in present situation instead of creating fear in ppl who had been jabbed with sinovac. Adiitional stronger dose/ Increase effectiveness 3rd booster dose etc.

Ivan Ang
2 months ago
So will Malaysia give free booster shots to those vaccinees who had Sinovac under the PICK program?

2 months ago
Not true

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