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Patients forced to sleep outdoors as Serdang Hospital struggles to battle Covid-19


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The number of daily COVID-19 cases in Malaysia has shown no signs of improvement, pushing several hospitals to the brink of collapse.

Due to lack of morgue refrigerators, a hospital in Klang resorted to laying corpses on the floor:

[VIDEO] Pile of corpses seen laid on hospital floor due to lack of morgue refrigerators

As the virus continues to ravage the Klang Valley, one of the hospitals struggling to stem the tide of COVID patients rushing through its doors is the Serdang Hospital.

Yesterday (July 21), a netizen named Shane Keng shared a harrowing tale of the hospital’s woes in a Facebook post.

Serdang Hospital is facing a surge in COVID-19 cases
(Screengrab via Berita Harian)

Worrying scenes

According to Shane, it all began when his friend’s

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