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15,573 Cases! Malaysia’s Covid-19 Infections Climb To Another All-Time High


This post first appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

Malaysia breaks records again with an all-time high of 15,573 new Covid-19 cases as of 23 July.

Selangor continues to record the highest number of infections in the country with 7,672 cases followed by Kuala Lumpur with 2,063 cases.

Sehingga 23 Julai 2021: Jumlah kes COVID-19 yang dilaporkan adalah 15,573 kes (980,491 kes).

Pecahan setiap negeri (Kumulatif):
Selangor – 7,672 (351,618)
WPKL – 2,063 (105,600)
Johor – 722 (82,504)
Sabah – 516 (77,940)
Sarawak – 461 (73,318)
Negeri Sembilan – 682 (65,477) pic.twitter.com/irQMGnKWjT

— Noor Hisham Abdullah (@DGHisham) July 23, 2021

The infectivity rate seems to be following a downward trend with an r-naught value of 1.07 as of 22 July, which means that one infected person is able to sprea

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Timothy Cheng
1 month ago
Bapa Kemerdekaan...soon Bapa PKP.

Kevin Ong
1 month ago
Olympics ma! We will make a world record none can surpass!

Thayanithy Jaime James
2 months ago
Why was EMCO and MCO terminated before the hari Korean, as did the stupid minister did not fore see that people will want to balek kampong. Who was the idiot who said to stop the EMCO. Now who is going to take the blame, Hadi Awang, the PAS supermos, the umno cluster or PN cluster of ministers. Who is calling the shots, the DPM or the Senior Minister

Alan Tang
2 months ago
Most PPVs and CACs centre Not Following SOP procedures. Go check yourself!!!

Commando Conquer
2 months ago
Well done Darurat. It protected PN seats very well when they failed Rakyat terribly.

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