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KJ: Malaysians Can Now Record Their Vaccination Process To Avoid ‘Empty Syringe’ Incidents


This post first appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

Hopefully, this puts a stop to the ’empty syringe’ fear among Malaysians.

While Malaysians are eager to obtain their vaccination, a growing fear among vaccine goers is if they will receive an ’empty syringe’ followed by confessions by a handful of Malaysians who experienced it for themselves.

In his press conference today (23 July), Minister of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Khairy Jamaluddin said that the CITF is looking at this issue seriously and would like to ensure everyone has a smooth vaccination process. He added that from the 16 million doses given there have only been 13 police report cases of the ’empty syringe’ issue.

Go ahead and film yourselves!

The minister also reassured that investigations are being conducted into these reports and the empty vaccination issue

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4 months ago

4 months ago
Kena report and become big case only say can record? Otherwise double standard only let certain ppl record, kan?

Kevin Low
4 months ago
"Confessions"? These recipient were complaining, not confessing. Why would they Confessions to getting empty syringes?

Jenny Ho
4 months ago
That's the problem with thus country when you too many captains in a ship

saffe mohd yusof
4 months ago
Just do a simple way to satisfy the injection recipient. Before inject the nurse must show that syringe had certain contents and the recipient must see with own eyes the injection process. After completion see to make sure that the syringe was empty.

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