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PPV staff caught putting makeup on without a mask at Bukit Jalil vaccination centre


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KUALA LUMPUR – We all understand the importance of looking presentable while on the job, but maybe don’t do it during a pandemic?

A video of a PPV staff glossing up while performing her duties at the Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre (PPV) had many tongues wagging online.

PPV staff allegedly doing her make up during her duties. Photo from Facebook

In the 10-second video, the woman was filmed applying lipstick while chatting with another staff member without a mask at the registration counter.

There were also more than 20 people on site waiting to fill up the forms.

The netizen who filmed the incident expressed her displeasure over the woman’s negligence.

There are news reporting about infected patients showing up (to the PPV). But even the sta

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Jasmine Cheong
2 months ago
Wearing a mask covers the mouth, I don't understand why need to put lipstick. For the mask to see?

Marcus Tan
2 months ago
Yah choose beauty over virus... good job. Satisfied? You are in a Vaccination Center for God sake... if your brain can't process the risk factor then i got nothing to say.

Thayanithy Jaime James
2 months ago
How to put makeup without removing their masks. And who is this idiot to complain or picture them. What's wrong for a lady to look presentable, anything wrong with that. Pathetic idiot

saffe mohd yusof
2 months ago
Aiya this lady also want to touch up face also go to toilet la.

+60 19*****96
2 months ago
Aiyaa. Women will wear makeup any where and anytime. That's the norm. They only don't wear makeup when sleeping with husband. No need he is desperate all the time. Hahaha

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