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JUST IN: Govt Might Consider Interstate Travel For Fully Vaccinated Long-Distance Couples & Parents


This post first appeared on WORLD OF BUZZ.

The government is currently on track to provide SOP relaxations for Malaysians who have completed their vaccination. While we’re still waiting for a full list, Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri, might have given a hint into what Malaysians have been looking forward to.

In a Facebook post today (22 July), the minister said that after looking at comments by netizens on social media, he found many devastated long-distance couples and parents who are separated from their children due to the interstate travel ban.

The issue has been brought up to the NSC

“As a father, I realize how important the institution of the family is to human beings. Even for safety reasons, a mother or father should not be forced to be separated from their children for too long.”

“Especially if the parent

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myew Tung
2 months ago
Betul-betul bodoh. Tak pakai otak. Kosong dalam

2 months ago
Damn stupid idea! Seriously it’s going to create a lot of loopholes for those who intend to abuse it. And hence creating more covid cases. This govt has no brains and no ability to handle this pandemic. By coming out with this stupid idea only shows that there’s no proper thot into it. Only just as they like, you are trying to gain popularity or what? G15, the ppl will know what to do.

Foo SLoong
2 months ago
Daily positive numbers for all states still very high. Fully vaccinated can still get infected. It would be wise not to open the floodgate now. There's always video call to be connected with your loved ones. It is better to be safe than sorry.

saffe mohd yusof
2 months ago
Sudah la..since May said may be may be, later said consider, today said soon,,.turtle egg talk.

Hi People
2 months ago
Can the travellers who had been vaccinated carry virus home to those who are not being vaccinated yet?

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