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Teenage girl shocks the world with her incredible height of 226cm

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BEIJING: A teenage girl stood out from the rest of her peers, thanks to her unusual height, drawing widespread attention online.

Zhang Ziyu, 14, from Shandong, is currently 226cm tall, just 3cm shorter than that of China’s legendary basketball player, Yao Ming, whose height is 229cm.

(GIF via sohu.com)

In a series of photos and videos from a match in Jingzhou last week, it isn’t hard to identify Zhang due to her towering figure.

She also scored a total of 42 points during the match.

(GIF via sohu.com)

Chinese media reported that Zhang’s parents were professional basketball players, but her height still came as a surprise for many considering her age.

According to The Global Times, Zhang’s height reached 160cm during Year One, and it rose to 2

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