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PPV staff wear traditional costumes to celebrate Sarawak’s Independence Day


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Malaysians have been flexing their creativity recently by turning their vaccination appointment into a fashion show by dressing up in different costumes to lighten the mood at various PPVs.

Photo via Facebook/ unimasofficial

Today, in conjunction with Sarawak’s Independence Day, a group of staff at the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) PPV wore traditional costumes to celebrate the special occasion while serving their fellow Sarawakians.

In a post shared by UNIMAS, we can see the staff displaying Sarawak’s diversity in all its glory through the costumes they wore.

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https://t.co/0ruG48fsgp pic.twitter.com/b0Cvrn4isE

— Red Ranger (@raaaaaziq) July 22, 2

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Thayanithy Jaime James
2 months ago
Wow wonderful family of indigenous Sarawakians. Becareful of complains from the peninsula side. They would not be happy to see our traditional dressings as they have lost the true cultural dressings themselves

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