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Summary: PM Muhyiddin’s 12:30PM Special Announcement


(Kuala Lumpur, Aug 4) Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has made a special announcement today after he held an audience with the Agong this morning. This comes following UMNO’s decision to withdraw their support for the Prime Minister and the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

He was informed by the Agong that 8 UMNO MPs had withdrawn their support for him. He has also presented to the Agong that he still has the majority in the current government and will continue to uphold his position as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He will determine his legitimacy in the Parliament during Dewan Rakyat sitting in September 2021.

He mentioned that the administration of the current government will continue to function during this period, and he will ensure that the national vaccination programme will proceed as scheduled without any interference.

He also urged the frontliners to continue their effort to fight the pandemic without being affected by the current political issues.

He concluded that even though he’s being accused of ‘derhaka’, all he’s done was to protect the Federal Constitution and defend the royal institution, and that he will continue doing so.

More to follow…


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Linda Sivalingamoorthy
2 months ago
Other countries r getting back to being normal while practising the SOPs, except here. It's getting a bit frustrating n if people don't start to work or socialise(following the SOPs of course), it's going to be mentally stressful! Nothing had been effective to date.... Cases r increasing n keeping people at home is driving everyone crazy! Please remove the mco n let people lead normal lives. Enough of this! Everyone to themselves so learn to follow the rules n follow the SOPs. It is due to certain stubborn individuals who refuse to follow the rules, refuse to use their brains to think rationally n intelligently, what to prioritize n what not to prioritize, who r totally responsible for the hike in Covid cases. So, to the government, please priotise what need to be done n end this MCO.

2 months ago
PM, please lift up MCO, there are no uses of MCO it is not effective at least open up open up some services which cannot be done online, went to VFS global Canada visa application yesterday only UK is open for biometric I saw all Chinese people was in the queue so crowded maintaining social distancing with precaution why not Canada. Please open up, I urge to the government as a MM2H foreigner in Malaysia. I am just stucked in Malaysia. Please relax MCO for all Malaysian and foreigners as well. 🙏

Jacky You
2 months ago
PM, please lift up mco. Not effective at all. Many cars and people on the road, shopping mall, factories. Cases breaking records everyday, what's point of mco...

2 months ago
Whoever replaces moo will be the same breed. The political system is too damaged. We need to undo all the years of misdeeds, it won’t be easy but if we can do it, then there’s hope!

El Bk
2 months ago
Now everyone simply use abusive words against the govt and PM which some rather really inappropriate. Have we all forgot the last govt before PH, what will happen if you ever say a single simple word or just joke a bit, it will be jailed and even your own personal whatsapp were being tracked. All were happily join the chorus of certain politician to push the downfall of this PM,, and why hoping a new brilliant and perfect PM coming down from sky to save us? Becareful what you wish for... the real nightmare will haunt all if realise who are those waiting only.

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