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What Can I Do for the Next Phase of My Life?

Health & Fitness

When I retired in May 2020 in the smack of the pandemic lockdown, I was overweight and always had heel, shin, and knee pains after an hour’s walk. I began to have more time walking in my neighborhood with a group of morning walkers. Then, a very fit lady joined the group. Hoon, a 66-year-old grandmother of 2 who has cycled Penang round island as a form of morning exercise hiked with friends through difficult terrains, played golf, and tennis too.  I was awestruck that she had so much energy; after the morning walk, she does the home chores and grows amateur vegetables. One day we both went for an easy hike and reality hit me that I was unfit. I was lagging behind and not very agile in my steps up and down.

So I started my own journey of discovering how to heal my body, the parts that ache, and the weak muscles. A fortunate prolonged lockdown for my daughter Helen en route to

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