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Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin To Address Nation At 12.30pm


(Kuala Lumpur, Aug 4) Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will address the nation at 12.30pm today. The Prime Minister held an audience with the Agong this morning.

This comes following UMNO’s decision to withdraw their support for the Prime Minister and the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

More to follow…

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+60 111*****92
2 months ago
Don't fart about then walked off, only to cause mayhem to those innocent ones. Having used race as reasons for your damed failures, now you're ill speaking the Christians - to this KMM, not KKM, go and bertaubat and mohon ampun, for your failure and foolhardiness in life. 😢

Rajwinder Singh
2 months ago
One of the worst pm , for malaysia after mahatir , maihaidin for me you hayoo

R Ace
2 months ago
How come In parliament so quiet or missing elsewhere ? Is the place to debate, discuss and plan like UK, Singapore etc ie leadership and democracy in practices and show in media ( bad or good leadership in speaking, not reading zZzz) whereas here closed for coming 1 year thats why things never get done and if done also bad or worse!

robert gilbert
2 months ago
This mess wont happen if DR M...keep his words...he is behind this semburit move....why not just let the PH complete the 5 yrs term...rakyat not happy then the GE 15 will prove who rakyat choose...now the gomen is a laughing stalk by other country....investor also feeling worry...all this wayang of the covid and the parliment...can simply say...Malaysia will only recover by 2041...and sadly can say RINGGIT will fall and can be rm8.00 vs 1 usd...poor rakyat...once everything expencive...petrol...at rm20. Per lit...banyak kereta jadi besi buruk...

Belinda Kaia
2 months ago
Din-din's skin is the thickest in the universe! "Aku sampai masuk ke kubur pun nak jadi pm" His dream! Hopefully, it will be his nightmare.

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