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Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you even if you say no to tracking


Some popular iPhone apps are using some sneaky techniques to uniquely identify you, even if you refused permission for app tracking. The data they are gathering includes everything from your iPhone’s Last Restart Time to your screen brightness setting measured to 15 significant digits.

A former iCloud engineer says that this type of privacy workaround makes Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules a “dud” …

App Tracking

App Tracking works by Apple assigning a unique identifier to your device. It doesn’t reveal any details about you, but does allow them to see (for example) that iOS user 30255BCE-4CDA-4F62-91DC-4758FDFF8512 has visited gadget websites, and therefore would be a good target for gadget ads. It also allows them to see that iOS user 30255BCE-4CDA-4F62-91DC-4758FDFF8512 was shown an ad for a particular product on a particula

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