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‘Give her a chance’ Nur Sajat’s sister speaks up on recent controversy and pleads for understanding | WeirdKaya


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KUALA LUMPUR – Cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat has been dominating national headlines in recent weeks following her arrest in Thailand on Sept 8.

In a tearful interview with Harian Metro, her sister Nur Mustika finally spoke up over the situation.

She insisted that Nur Sajat was a good person and a filial child to her parents.

I hope people won’t judge or mislabel her as a bad person.”

Screenshot via: HarianMetro

She added that she only knew of her sister’s arrest through Harian Metro’s report on Monday (Sept 20).

Nur Mustika also said that that the family is questioning the evidence’s legitimacy.

“I have received too many queries about her condition. However, I can’t comment because I don’t know.”

“I can only pray that

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Amir Majid
3 weeks ago
OMG Malaysia leave she or he alone…. Go after the bigger fish Jho Lo

3 weeks ago
Just leave Nur Sajat alone.

Kama M Muhammad
3 weeks ago
Give him a chance..... He is not a woman.

KwokWai Loke
3 weeks ago
A lot of sleazy characters are going around dressed in robes and headgear of pious men. Why are they not arrested and charged? Sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. Why the discrimination and victimisation?

Chee Meng Kan
3 weeks ago
Think they have nothing to do.

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