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Survey: 84% Of Employees Would Rather Wear T-shirts, Shorts & Yoga Pants For Work Than Formal Wear

Before the pandemic, employees were all too familiar with the pains of having to decide what to wear to work the next day. If the company culture was formal, you might’ve been tired and fed up with having to constantly wear shirts, suits or dresses. But after companies were forced to allow employees to work from home with online meetings and remote work, many of us breathed a sigh of relief as we could finally be much more relaxed and casual with our dressing. Many of us just wear whatever is comfortable (even if it’s our pyjamas).

However, this newfound freedom might be disrupted by a full or partial return to offices, forcing us back into the struggle of having to think about what to wear, once again. According to a survey conducted by fitness apparel maker Lululemon Athletica, as companies adopt hybrid or flexible work arrangements, more than four in five cons

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