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Experian Launches TrackMyID to Help Users Track Compromised Digital Identities


Multinational consumer credit reporting company Experian will extend its partnership with CyberSecurity Malaysia to empower Malaysians to protect their identity online.

Experian has launched TrackMyID, an identity theft monitoring tool, to help Malaysian consumers track their digital identities that may have been compromised or sold on the dark web.

With this tool, users will be alerted on the type of information that has been accessed, such as email address, source of breach, and additional information detected.

They will then be directed to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and minimise any damage that has been done.

Consumers can use the report from TrackMyID to lodge an official report at CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Cyber999 help center.

Despite improvements in technology, cybercriminals have found it easier to gain unauthoris

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