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[UPDATED] Screen for Covid-19 at least 48 hours before departure: Khairy


[UPDATED] Screen for Covid-19 at least 48 hours before departure: Khairy

KUALA LUMPUR – Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has backtracked a decision by the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, saying that tourists travelling to Langkawi must be screened for Covid-19 at least 48 hours before departure.

“RT-PCR or RTK-Antigen tests must be conducted 48 hours before departure and the test results must be presented at ports of entry (airport or ferry terminal) for inspection,” he said.

Results from self-test kits are accepted.

This comes a day ahead of the island resort’s reopening tomorrow.

“Tourists can purchase a saliva test kit and bring it along to the airport or ferry terminal to undergo the Covid-19 detection test at the screening place provided.

“They can also purchase saliva test kits through a service provided by the private s

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1 week ago
Langkawi is Welcoming all type of incoming Covid Hidden Variants that brought by local Tourists 😭. Even after 21 days of Self Quarantine, a person still contracted with Covid 😕

Sunny Nah
1 week ago
Why death figures for Covid-19 coming out late? Hiding something KJ

saffe mohd yusof
1 week ago
Tourism minister said one thing, Health minister said other thing..??? Why cant you all sit together and came out with one guidelines...rakyat angry as everyday had change in guidelines..dont let rakyat call you all "menteri cap ayam "

Carlson Chan
1 week ago
Saliva test kit lebih murah dan lebih cepat. Langkawi lebih selamat. The main point is only COVID-19 negative can enter Langkawi therefore open to all including non vaccinated as long as COVID-19 test show negative!!!

Bee Li Choong
1 week ago
The SOP of testing protocols are NOT fully in order! Why start opening ? Where is the basic common sense? All this huru hara will result in the rise of Covid cases ! Rakyat as usual will suffer! Please stay safe ! Remember dont end up as a statistic!

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