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Evergrande founder sparks backlash after asking employees to ‘work hard’ through ‘adversity’


China Evergrande Group’s former chairman Xu Jiayin has earned the ire of Chinese social media users after a letter he allegedly sent to employees leaked online on Tuesday. 

Fanning the flames: Evergrande founder Xu Jiayin, whose current net worth slightly dropped to $10.7 billion, angered people online after a letter he penned was shared on Weibo, reported Business Insider. 

Xu reportedly sent the letter out to 123,276 Evergrande employees during the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, which occurred Sept. 21. In the letter, the founder urged his workers to “unite and work hard in the face of adversity” and assured them that the company would soon “walk out of the darkness.” Immediately after National Business Daily posted the letter on Weibo, it became a trending topic and attracted over 100,000 comments. Some users cited the company’s massive debt to s

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