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WOW, Genting is reopening soon? 8 must-dos only 90s M’sians can relate to | WeirdKaya

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After almost a year and half coped up at home, many of us are thrilled over the news of Genting Highlands reopening on 1st October.

So, what is it about Genting that makes it so appealing?

Well, many Malaysians would agree it’s because of the cool weather. Away from the humidity, it makes us feel like we are in another country!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to reminisce things Malaysians like us love to do at Genting Highlands.

1. “Turn off the air-con; wind down the window instead!”

When the mists gets thick, you know it’s time to wind down the window to enjoy the cool fresh air of the highlands.

That’s the cool weather we have been longing for!

Photo from impossibleisnull

2. Window shop at Sky Avenue ’cause we broke (af)

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