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KJ: Herd Immunity No Longer Achievable With 80% Vaccination Due To Delta Variant


The Ministry of Health (KKM) will not longer use the conventional formula of achieving herd immunity with at least 80% vaccination of the country’s adult population. This is because the Covid-19 delta variant has made it difficult to achieve herd immunity.

According to Minister of Health Khairy Jamaluddin, global health experts have stopped using this formula and are focusing on getting as many people vaccinated as possible instead due to the Delta variant, reported Astro Awani.

“I, as Health Minister, am no longer using the herd immunity term. When we started the vaccination programme, we used the conventional formula to measure the herd immunity which was 80% (of the adult population),” he said during the parliament sitting on 23 September.

“That was before the spread of the Delta variant. This variant had basically thrown out the herd im

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FreeN easy
3 weeks ago
I thought we are at MU variant. Delta is outdated la. Coming up soon is NU variant ma.😂

Kristal Tin
3 weeks ago
OK. Lesen memandu sudah pass. Dah complete U Turn dah.. 👍

3 weeks ago
Kama seems to be a pariah racist moron. Thankfully he is in UK. Don’t want this rubbish in Malaysia.

James BLT
3 weeks ago
Herd immunity is impossible from the start, when the vaccine cant stop people from getting infected. But at least, it can prevent serious symptoms during an infection, most of the time. So getting a jab is still recommended. (Please know what herd immunity is, before using that term. Herd immumity is only possible if there's a way to stop the infection. Even before Delta variant appeared, we know that vaccinated people still get infected, just with milder symptoms.

Kama M Muhammad
3 weeks ago
We know that Sinovac does not work against Delta virus but Lim Guan Eng ET al start to accuse KJ for not allowing vaccination and said "Kepala Hotak kau". This is typical rotten DAP. Now when Sinovac is proven to be not effective, where is Lim Guan Eng Kepala hotak kau?! Memang cina DAP tak boleh di harap. Melayu tolonglah buang cina DAP jauh jauh masa PRU nanti

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