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Tourism group: Want tourism to revive? Then scrap MyTravelPass!


JOINING the growing calls against the MyTravelPass system, the Malaysia Association Tour Agency (MATA) urged the Government to bin the system to help rejuvenate local tourism.

“The scheme is very complicated and it takes the authorities 14 days before approving or otherwise,” its president Datuk Mohd Khalid Harun told FocusM.

Yesterday, Damansara MP Tony Pua urged the Immigration Department to not “review” but do away with the MyTravelPass completely, adding the scheme had outlived its usefulness.

“Phasing out MyTravelPass is a critical part of Malaysia’s road to economic recovery as it will play a significant role in reviving our ailing travel industry – airlines, airports, travel agencies etc which employs hundreds of thousands of workers.

“It will also relieve our immigration officials from the tedious task of processing thousands

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