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[VIDEO] Hilux’s epic and dangerous illegal U-turn leaves M’sians speechless | WeirdKaya


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Driving in Malaysia is undoubtedly a stressful affair as we have to brave the weather and drivers who think they are kings of the road.

In a 51-seconds dashcam footage, a Toyota Hilux was caught making a reckless U-turn by cutting across multiple lanes, endangering both himself and other motorists.

Real life GTA?

The clip, which was shared to the Facebook group Dashcam Owners Malaysia, began with a few cars patiently waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Screenshot: Facebook/Dashcam Owners Malaysia

Suddenly, the Hilux emerges from the right side and starts inching its way through the narrow gap as the cars begin to move.

Thinking that the Hilux wanted to be in front of him, the dashcam owner gives way to him to let him through.

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1 month ago
That's the problem when traffic police r not doing their job. Aiyah.. no police..

Kenn Khor
1 month ago

1 month ago
Must be a politician coz all dumb people in our country are politicians

B Lai
1 month ago
Malaysia boleh... Idiots...

nelayan bimbang
1 month ago

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