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The TikTok food trend that fuses sushi and pizza and was created by a Japanese chef in Toronto


From watermelon with mustard to cucumbers with sugar, TikTok has brought us several food combinations that evoke intrigue, suspicion and a sprinkle of apprehension. But sushi pizza, TikTok’s latest food trend, is something we couldn’t possibly refuse. 

How do I make it?: Before you add store-bought dough to your shopping cart, know that sushi pizza doesn’t use the traditional base of flour and yeast. Instead, you’ll have to cook a sushi rice patty mixed with some rice vinegar, according to In the Know.

After the rice turns crispy, you can add your sauces and toppings. Swap classic tomato sauce with a paste of spicy mayo. You can also try wasabi aioli if you want some heat.  Top your pizza with ingredients from your favorite kind of sushi roll. The possibilities are endless — think seaweed, avocado, cucumbers, sesame seeds, roe and wakame. Mashed sug

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