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322 child marriage cases reported in 2019: Rina


322 child marriage cases reported in 2019: Rina

KUALA LUMPUR – Although data for 2020 child marriages will only be available later this year, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry revealed that there were 322 cases in 2019.

Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun cited data from the Statistics Department, saying the number of child marriages recorded in 2019 is lower compared with previous years – 1,856 in 2018 and 2,107 in 2017.

“The ministry has requested statistics concerning child marriages during the pandemic period beginning March 18, 2020, until now.

“However, the data is being streamlined among agencies on the state level, and it is expected to be published on November 30 this year,” she said in a written parliamentary reply.

Rina also touched on statistics regarding domestic violence cases.

For the period of January to

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nazareth thamoderam
1 month ago
Sit as Minister, earn Ridiculously high salary, get perks & monopoly position to self enrich!!! Got case of corruption but cleared by Sabri with the assistance of macc!! Never did anything worthy for this country!!! Get title without merit!!! What more can u say!!!!

Tai Lung Aik
1 month ago
Reported but no action?

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