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The Pride of The Muslim Community – Myanmar Versus Malaysia [Opinion]


Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazari Ismail, Ph.D.
Faculty of Business and Economics
University of Malaya

The Muslims in Myanmar are a minority in a country dominated by Buddhists. Muslims make up only 4% of the population. In fact, in some parts of the country, such as in the state of Rakhine, Muslims have been persecuted for years.

Despite all these, it is interesting to note that Muslims in Myanmar still feel that they need to contribute to their society to make it a better place for all. Their understanding and commitment to their religion motivated them to do something for their community especially for the poor.

One of the ways they do that is by setting up a hospital for the poor in the capital city of Rangoon called the `Muslim Free Hospital of Rangoon’. This institution which is admired by all, and also a source of pride for the Muslim community of M

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Kama M Muhammad
4 weeks ago
Have you checked the Myanmarese doctors working there? Their quality is appalling. Obviously this guy does not know what he is talking about. Tabung Haji is not a hospital. What a stupid writer who compares Tabung Haji with a hospital. Typical DAP supporter. Bodoh macam Penyokong DAP.

nazareth thamoderam
1 month ago
Only in Msia the Wayang of extreme Muslim bigots is free to do as they like ???

KwokWai Loke
1 month ago
The blood of the common people is used to feed the fat leeches and parasites.

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