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Singapore Hesitant To Open Borders To Malaysia


Singapore has requested more time because it wants to decrease the country’s positive Covid-19 cases before beginning talks on border reopening with Malaysia.

Datuk Hasni Mohammad, the Menteri Besar of Johor, urges Singapore to take into account SOPs and vaccination rates when deliberating. Singapore Hesitant To Open Borders To Malaysia

The Singapore government has been urged to take into account the standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the reopening of the Malaysia-Singapore borders, which were submitted by the Johor state government and approved by the federal government.

Datuk Hasni Mohammad, the Menteri Besar of Johor, said that the government’s decision to enable interstate travel, which took effect yesterday, must have had an impact on Malaysians who are employed in Singapore to some degree.

“(They must have wondered) why they can’

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Firdaus Shafiee
1 week ago
Im guessing that singapore gov also want to protect their economy as well, they know that when they open the border, singaporean might go and shop at malaysia. Well thats just my view on this.

Chong Han Ming
1 week ago
Its a matter of good SOP by Singapore government to really control the Covid, just like Perth, China or NZ!

Bee Li Choong
1 week ago
Malaysia should first deal with its own homeland first! No point in talking about visiting other country when our own rakyat's safety and health issues are NOT rectified! Priority is the rakyat's safety! Therefore , need to manage the crisis from the disaster! Its a new norm and affects especially the Tourist and travel industry!!!

Truth Be Told
1 week ago
Why is this news unavailable now? Is it censored?

Rocnava Navakumar
1 week ago
Keep on saying look after in to this ,looking foreword looking after ...hope one big tsunami come let's all die here

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