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Zahid trial: How does boutique hotel in Bali help the poor, asks DPP


KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 14): Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Datuk Raja Rozela Raja Toran contended that Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had caused the withdrawal of more than RM17.9 million of Yayasan Akalbudi's (YAB) funds to help facilitate his daughter's bid to buy a stake in a hotel in Bali.

The lead prosecutor on Thursday said that Zahid had given specific instructions to Affin Bank to withdraw funds from seven different YAB fixed deposit accounts — totalling RM17,953,191.04.

These funds withdrawn from the YAB fixed deposit accounts would then be transferred via banker's cheque to Messrs Lewis & Co, a law firm in Kuala Lumpur.

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Philip Reynold
1 week ago
It helps his family

Soo Hock Ooi
1 week ago
His daughter is not a billionaire so Zahid is helping her the poor.

No Spam
1 week ago
Bapa sayang anak, Barbie doll not enough wants to play buying hotel

Paul Lam
1 week ago
Big NO 2 mp12...lo....end of story thieves within thieves......sadly mer lar u......lei...???

1 week ago
Next GE if our fellow Malaysians especially Malays don’t open their eyes or wake up then it going to be sorry Nation for all & future generations THE POWER IS YOURS SO PLEASE USE IT & LETS KICK THESE IDIOTS OUT

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