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Are we not Keluarga Malaysia: MPs argue in Dewan over lawmakers’ allocations


Are we not Keluarga Malaysia: MPs argue in Dewan over lawmakers’ allocations

KUALA LUMPUR – Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Datuk Mastura Yazid seemed to have been caught off guard when her colleague from the opposition aisle questioned her over allocations for parliamentarians. 

Earlier, Mastura was explaining the Keluarga Malaysia concept adopted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, and assuring parliamentarians that this new philosophy embraces inclusivity.

“The Keluarga Malaysia concept was adopted by the government because it supports inclusivity and applies to everyone regardless of race and religion. 

“This concept does not mean the government is focused only on the majority race, but on all races. 

“This is abundantly clear following government welfare programmes that are avai

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Sunny Tan
1 week ago
another immoral corrupt scheme to scam the impoverished Rakyat. 1Malusial, 1Keluarga akin to KG#1, KG#2, 1Bangsat, 1Sampah.

+60 16*****57
1 week ago
Keluarga Malaysia is a load of crap.

1 week ago
Stop all the bullshit

1 week ago
Keluarga Malaysia only for YBs? No wonder Najib and the court clusters are happy!

Dinah Ismail
1 week ago
Bila tak setuju dgn prinsip dan prosedur bangang kjaan dia tuduh "politicking". The irony is siapa yg politicking sebenarnya. Whn you start taking sides, itu politik lah namanya..bodoh. Tak tahan lah, those who lead bengap² belaka. Harap pakaian aje ada style. Otak kosong.

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