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Nasi Kandar Restaurant Goes Viral For Charging RM100 For 2 Squids, But Here’s What Really Happened


Who would have thought that a plate of Nasi Kandar may cost more than RM100? 

Recently, a Nasi Kandar restaurant in Georgetown, Penang had gone viral after a customer’s receipt circulated on social media. The most eye-catching part of the receipt is none other than the price of two fried sotong which cost RM100! Most netizens thought that the price charged for the squids alone were ridiculously high.


The restaurant manager responds

According to Utusan, the manager of Hameediyah Restaurant in Lebuh Campbell, Georgetown, Muhammad Riyaaz Syed Ibrahim emphasized that the prices of all items in the restaurant are clearly stated on the menu. This includes the price of the squid which ranges from RM10 to RM150. Riyaaz was the one who personally took the couple’s order and they have also ordered Beriani rice, white rice, and a pack of papado

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Chong Richard
1 week ago
If anyone often goes to the fresh market then you will know food are very expensive now. The cost of the fishermen wages and boat expenses have gone up. From the boat to the fresh market would have at least gone through three hands. So if we add in the few layers of profit certainly seafood is no more for ordinary folks. Many go fir fresh water fish which is cheaper to eat. I am not a restaurant owner but am a good cook. So I like going to market to buy my stuff. For big large sotong is rm40 or more a kg. In food business it always double up the selling price. Reason is when the spices , gas ,rental and cook salary is added in , the cost is at least cost of food plus 10 percent. So to sell a piece of big squid for rm50 is about that and not consider expensive. So actually we can pay less if we cook and eat at home. But sometime we may waste the squib if we can’t get the same taste like our favourite restaurant. Our weak ringgit also got to do why things are expensive.

Sri Kumar
1 week ago
The guy who paid had no complains so perhaps we shouldn't blow up this issue either.

Mohd Sani Abdullah
1 week ago
Hameedya the ripper slit a customers throat.

1 week ago
Lain kali sudah makan diam la. Tak payah tunjuk2. Nanti jadi riak.

1 week ago
Obviously the issue was played up on social media and exaggerated to embarrass the restaurant. If you know what you ordered and paid for, there can be no dispute.

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