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Gardenia announces fresh rounds of price hikes (again) starting Dec 1 | WeirdKaya


Renowned bread producer Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd (GBKL) is increasing the prices of various products effective from December 1.

The company said the decision was due to increased material costs and freight charges and added that a formal letter will be issued to retailers soon.

Photo by BERNAMA

A loaf of Gardenia Original Classic 400g will now see an increase of 30 cents from RM 2.50 to RM 2.80.

The Gardenia Original Classic Jumbo 600g will be priced at RM4 from RM3.55, while the Gardenia Bran & WheatGerm 400g will now cost RM2.90, a 40-cents increase from RM2.50.

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Gardenia’s Fluffy Buns and Puazz buns will also increase to RM3.90 and RM1.30 respectively, reported Free Malaysia Today.

However, the Ministry of Domestic Trade And

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Mohd Sani Abdullah
1 week ago
Buy local products.

Mohd Khair
1 week ago
bila sykt bumi cepat je.. buka lah AP utk ayam kepada phk lain selain kartel

+60 16*****57
1 week ago
I don't buy from robbers. Period.

1 week ago

Mohd Sani Abdullah
1 week ago
Is malaysia getting richer or the government is incompetent. Buy only necessary things only.

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