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Stop harassing doctors over ivermectin, says Miri MP after raids on private centres


Stop harassing doctors over ivermectin, says Miri MP after raids on private centres

MIRI – Certain private doctors are allegedly being pressured and harassed by the authorities for prescribing ivermectin to treat patients critically down with Covid-19 who were left without any other avenue for improvement.

Miri MP Dr Teo Yu Keng, himself a medical doctor, told The Vibes today that numerous friends who are senior doctors in Kuala Lumpur had said raids by the enforcement authorities are being stepped up.

He expressed worry that such enforcement is going to spread beyond the capital to all the other states.

“I was told that clinics and specialist centres run by very senior doctors in KL are being raided by enforcement people,” said Teo, who is also Sarawak PKR vice-chairman.

“These enforcement teams, allegedly being led by the Health Department

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1 week ago
Australian ivermectin is safe but more expensive

1 week ago
Just leave doctors to their jobs n concentrate on ur own jobs don’t try to divert our attention

Edward Lall
1 week ago
Crazy! How foolish is this MOH! They talk about side effects, which medicine does not have side effects? Are vested interests involved in this matter. The truth is big pharma is making big money through this COVID 19. Where lies the truth and whom do we trust with our health? So, if a definite cure hasn't been found, and that we have is trial and error, so why resort to this measure of raiding the clinic.

James KC Chin
1 week ago
Poor country like Indonesia prescribed ivermectin to their c-19 patients. Now their country death rate due to this pandemic is goin down. But our death rate is instead goin up although most of our population had completed 2 doses. Something is not right here.

Chee Meng Kan
1 week ago
My friend believe Govt hospital safe. So go in. But never come out alive. In 8 days inside nothing done. Checking only. Dead after 9days. No medicine given.

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