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08 May COVID-19 Cases Update


KUALA LUMPUR, May 08 — The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that there were a total of 4,519 new cases reported up till 12pm today, pushing the cumulative figure for positive cases in Malaysia to 436,944.

The ministry also reported that 2,719 patients had recovered and discharged today, bringing the cumulative figure for recoveries to 398,723 so far.

Unfortunately, 25 new deaths were registered today, resulting in a total death toll of 1,657.

Selangor +1722, KL +557, Sarawak +479, Kelantan +373, Pinang +363, Johor +288...

Current recovery rate is at 91.25%

Today Confirmed: 4,519

Total Confirmed: 436,944

Today Recovered: 2,719

Total Recovered: 398,723

Today Deaths: 25

Total Deaths: 1,657

More to follow...

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Trudy Chen
4 hours ago
Although DG is now trying his best, all very reactive. I am sure he knows large crowds will raise numbers because people are complacent. The huge rise came about 3 weeks ago (expected), after the numbers were controlled at 1k or below 1k.

Trudy Chen
4 hours ago
All mess really. Malls are very careful with cleanliness, doubt the cases rising these last 3 weeks are from malls.

8 hours ago
Salam Bazaar Ramadan 🙄

MD Limbang
9 hours ago
Failed state

robert gilbert
9 hours ago
Shit. Why sabah drop again..should be increasing bcos...gomen by apek2 fishmongo,,pakcik kiah, alahai tukang bom ikan pun ada...

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