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01 December COVID-19 Cases Update


KUALA LUMPUR, December 01The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that there were a total of 5,439 new cases reported up till 12pm today, pushing the cumulative figure for positive cases in Malaysia to 2,638,221.

Data as of 01 Dec 2021, 02:25 pm:

  • Current recovery rate is at 96.17%
  • Active Cases: 65,153
  • Total Confirmed: 2,638,221 (+5,439)
  • Total Recovered: 2,537,204
  • Total Deaths: 30,425
  • Total Brought In Dead (BID): 6,153


More to follow...

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Janet Ng Wee Choo
14 minutes ago
Sendiri jaga sendiri. Never trust the figures.

22 minutes ago
They should just be honest even 2-3 shots the case will keep rising, some people out there already believed that they are invincible now after just 2 shots, but in reality it is not!

Andy Lee
25 minutes ago
We all know that a lot of ppl don't care n having parties

15 hours ago
UK is different from here.. All 3 doses but maskless... Patutla sampai 30k ++

Esi Chan
19 hours ago
Surprisingly Sarawak has low cases they did a very good control or is it true... Election is coming soon.... Haha.

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