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16 September COVID-19 Cases Update


KUALA LUMPUR, September 16 — The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that there were a total of 18,815 new cases reported up till 12pm today, pushing the cumulative figure for positive cases in Malaysia to 2,049,750.

The ministry also reported that 16,939 patients had recovered and discharged today, bringing the cumulative figure for recoveries to 1,800,278 so far.

1,222 in ICU, 710 require ventilators

Top 5 states with the most cases today:

Sarawak +3660, Selangor +2718, Johor +2206, Sabah +1982, Pulau Pinang +1777


Data as of 16 Sep 2021, 11:59 pm:

  • Current recovery rate is at 87.83%
  • Active Cases: 227,120 (+1,530)
  • Total Confirmed: 2,049,750 (+18,815)
  • Total Recovered: 1,800,278 (+16,939)
  • Total Deaths: 22,355 (+346)
  • Total Brought In Dead (BID): 4,263 (+105)


More to follow...

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Andy Lee
4 hours ago
Malaysia has a new day, its call Happy covid day😷🤒 😂

7 hours ago
Covid is like playing russian roulette. You never know when you gonna get the bullet. So open up is a good thing, let the laws of nature takes its course.

Yaw Chee
10 hours ago
Carlson chan, it's possible,

10 hours ago

Douglas Chew
10 hours ago
Watch for numbers to increase with the dumb idiots gathering at the waterfall sites at Ulu Langat and other holiday places because their peanut brains cannot refrain from not following SOPs and from being socially distant!

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