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EXCLUSIVE: SME’s Should Not Depend On The Government to Survive

Business & Finance
Tan Thiam Hock
Entrepreneur who teaches, shares, and mentors.

2020 will be remembered as a year of surprises. Within months, global recession happens, consumer behavior and lifestyle changed big time, massive unemployment looms and inept governments exposed. Every country takes on more debt and to parody President Donald Trump – ‘We have taken more debts like you have never seen before, incredible amount of debts that only our great USA can create, and only I know how to borrow so much for the great American people so that our bigger mountain of debt ( bigger than China) will make this country great again”.

Then we have our very own politicians. This year will be remembered as the year of the frogs. The wrestle for power has been intense to say the least. Ideals and principles are thrown out of the window. Collaboration for mutual benefits is the name of the game. Pandemic recession? No problem. Raise government debt and give

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Indo Olderguy
6 months ago
It is sad to see that facts dont get bothered at all. Politics is more the order. Ride the waves. Why care at all, when Politicos dont.

Paul Lam
6 months ago
There's 2 sides n which one idiot referring to.... ?? Flw UK la... ??

Qi Ng
6 months ago
Ridiculous. Speak the obvious. So you mean you are much better than those international companies who forced to shut down due to this pandemic? Maybe you are doing well, but not everyone has the advantages like you. Maybe you could do what you written there, but not everyone as they hav their own concerns. Besides, Why are u linking China and US trade in your article? It’s totally unrelated. From the starting from article it’s clearly stated that you are pro-China and not worth reading for me.

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